What is Simulation?

The wireless Laerdal SimMan 3G simulator provides the optimal training environment with the most realistic outcomes possible.  It is mobile, and can be brought to your station for training.

Technology includes:

Sweat, breathes (with a variety of sounds and patterns), blinks, pupils that respond to light, pulses, incontinence, bleed, responds to medications, changes skin color, and talks;
Does all of these actions and more through a variety of preprogrammed scenarios including CHF, STEMI, asthma, LVAD, hypoglycemia, other respiratory problems, head injury or stroke, etc.
Participants can perform assessments, give medications, intubate, ventilate, perform compressions, monitor, defibrillate, pace, bandage wounds, check pulses, listen to breath sounds, etc.
Sim Man responds to their actions, both positive (when they take correct actions) and negative (when they take the wrong action or no action at all)
All that and more in REAL TIME!


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