• Remove patient to cool area
  • If patient temperature >104F or >40C or if altered mental status, begin active cooling
  • IV fluids 0.9% NaCl to maintain SBP ≥90 mm Hg or >minimum for age and signs of adequate perfusion
  • If uncontrolled shivering occurs during cooling—ADULTS ONLY, lorazepam 0.5-1.0 mg IV/IM or diazepam 2 mg IV or 5 mg deep IM


  • Handle carefully and prevent further heat loss
  • If patient is alert enough to swallow, give food and drinks high in calories
  • Oxygen, heated and humidified if possible
  • IV fluids to maintain SBP >90 or minimum for age and signs of adequate perfusion
  • For patients with altered level of consciousness, consider Narcan or D50W when appropriate
  • No medications if core temperature is <86F or <30C